This is a great Valentine’s project with a touch of country style for anyone who loves to collect fridge magnets!


Red felt
Scrap material
Black embroidery thread
Fabric glue
Magnet backing
Hot glue and gun

1. Fold the felt in half and cut out two heart shapes.
2. Fold the scrap material in half and cut out one smaller heart shape.
3. With your Black embroidery thread start to stitch the two red felt hearts together. Make a straight stitch.
4. Then loop your needle through the stitch.
5. Repeat this until you go almost all the way around but leave an opening.
6. Stuff the opening with a bit of poly-fill and continue stitching until closed
7. Glue your smaller material heart to center with fabric glue.
8. Hot glue a bow made from jute to center of heart.
9. Glue a magnet to back of heart.