This is funny gift idea for Father’s day that will make him smile. Dad will also find it useful in helping him get some much deserved rest!!


One wooden door hanger
Black, white and yellow acrylic paints
Small detail brush
Medium brush
Black permanent marker or paint pen
Finishing spray if desired

1. Start with laying your wooden door hanger on some newspaper to avoid messes.
2. Paint the entire door hanger black and allow drying time for each side.
3. Then in white paint write the words “The Old Man Is…” with your detail brush.
4. Take a bit of yellow and white paint and swirl it together a little. (oldman4.jpg)
5. Take then flat end of a paint brush and dot letters to give them a little style.
6. Use your small detail brush to paint on a yellow crescent moon and some “ZZZZ” at bottom of hanger and highlight with white.
7. Some little stars in yellow can be painted on in open spots at the top.
8. When it’s all dry, trace around the letters and add details to moon shape with your black marker.