“A great clay pot project for that very special teacher who helps your children grow”


1 clay pot and base
Indoor/outdoor acrylic paints in Black, orange, white, bright and dark green, and red
Medium size brush and tiny detail brush

1. Take your clay pot and give it two coats of black paint inside and outside.
2. Then Paint in white the words “Thanks For Helping Me Grow” and when dry use the end of a brush to dot the letters.
3. Make measurement marks like a ruler (small lines) around the rim of the pot.
4. Then with orange paint on numbers just below those white lines to resemble a ruler.
5. In red paints paint on an apple shape and in light green make a squiggly worm shape.
6. Fill the middle of the apple with white paint and allow drying.
7. Highlight the green worm with a darker green paint for details. You can use a toothpick to make a dot for his eye.
8. Paint on two leave shapes at top of apple in green paint and highlight it with a darker green.
9. Take a bit of black paint and by turning your brush on its side dab in six seeds.