“This wooden St. Nick Spoon is a fun and easy project to add to your Christmas wish list.”


Wooden spoon
White wool
Piece of cardboard
Red twist ribbon
Acrylic paints: Flesh-tone, white, pink, red, grey and black
Medium and detail paint brush
Hot glue and gun
Gold and white cording
Finishing spray or varnish

1. Paint the wooden spoon with a coat of flesh-tone and allow drying.
2. Use the end of your paint brush to dot on two black eyes with paint.
3. Use red paint to make a red circle nose and a mouth.
4. Use pink acrylic paint to make two circle cheeks.
5. Paint on a white mustache and hair with white paint strokes.
6. Take a bit of grey paint to add detail lines to Santa’s hair and mustache.
7. Apply a finishing coat and allow drying.
8. Unravel a piece of red paper twist paper and fold in half.
9. Cut a slit in the fold and feed the bottom of spoon through.
10. Cut a second piece of twist paper for arms and slip it under the unfolded piece and too the back. A bit of hot glue can be applied to keep it in place.
11. Tie a piece of gold and white cord around the center of the coat and make a bow.
12. Glue the arms down criss-crossed on the front with a bit of hot glue.
13. Take a rectangle piece of cardboard and whine your white wool around and round it like you would if making a pom-pom. Then take another wool piece and feed it under the wad of wool and tie a knot.