“This Santa pen is a great quick stocking stuffer idea “


Bick’s pen
Red wool
Wooden head
White felt
Scrap of plaid material
Hot glue and gun

1. Apply some dots of hot glue to pen and begin to wrap red wool around the pen all the way from one end to the other.
2. Hot glue the wooden head to the top of the pen.
3. Cut a long strip from a sheet of white felt and then make tiny slits at either end to make a scarf.
4. Tie scarf around the pen below the wooden head and glue in place.
5. Cut out a beard shape from white felt and glue to wooden head.
6. Cut a rectangle from some scrap plaid and fold in half then tie a piece of red wool at one end in a bow to make a hat.
7. Glue hat to top of head and tack to one side of the head.