“This Santa is an easy project to make for Christmas as a gift or decoration.”


One red handled paint brush
White latex paint
Acrylic Paints: Flesh-tone, black, white, red and pink
A scrap of red velvet material
White fluffy poly-fill or cotton
Hot glue and gun
Medium and detail paint brushes

1. Paint the hairs of the paint brush with white latex or dip into latex paint and allow drying time. (A full day approx.)
2. Paint the next level of the brush below the handle and above the bristles, with two coats of flesh-tone paint. Allow drying time.
3. Dip the end of your medium paint brush in black paint and dot on two eyes.
4. With pink acrylic paint, paint on a round nose.
5. Use a bit of white and black to paint on pupils.
6. Apply a coat of red acrylic paint to handle if you wish to make it all the same texture. Allow drying time.
7. Spray the entire brush with a coat of finishing spray.
8. When dry, cut a rectangle of scrap red velvet.
9. Hot glue and wrap around handle as the rim of Santa’s hat.
10. Take some white fluffy cotton and glue to hat.
11. Then a small piece of fluff is hot glued on as a mustache.
12. Finally add a bit of fluff to the top of the handle for a hat pom-pom and glue in place.