Wooden spoons
Flesh tone acrylic paint
Pink, black, white, red acrylic paint for face details
Small pieces of fabric for dress and bow
Red wool for hair
White ribbon
White buttons
Needle and thread
Hot glue gun and glue

  1. Start by painting the spoon with the flesh tone paint and allow drying.
  2. Then cut out a rectangle of material from a folded piece of fabric to make a dress. Stitch together open side to create a tube shape. Then hem bottom and top of dress and then use a loose stitch to create gathers for the top of dress.
  3. Slip dress onto spoon and glue in place then tie with a white bow.
    Wind up a bunch of red wool and tie in middle for hair and glue to top of spoon. With a bit of ribbon tie a scrap piece of fabric in the center of as the bow and glue to hair.
  4. Then you can use your acrylic paints for facial features. Black for eyes, mouth and eyebrows. A dot of white for highlights in eyes and a red triangle for the nose. Pink for blushing cheeks.
  5. Finally, glue on the tiny white button to the front. She’ll delight any Raggedy Ann fan!