Unfinished latched box
Fine sandpaper
Black, red, pink and flesh-tone acrylic paints
Medium soft brush
Small detail brush
White ribbon
White tacky glue
Soft rag
Finishing spray

1. Sand any rough edges until nice a smooth.
2. Take a bit of black paint and put it into a small cup then add some water until you get a washed out black paint. Half water and half paint is usually a good consistence.
3. Paint black washed out paint onto box a little at a time in the same direction. As it soaks a bit into the wood and reveals the grain, rub lightly with rag to soak up excess paint. You just want enough to make the grain stand out. Allow drying time.
4. Then paint a circle for face with your flesh-tone paint and allow drying.
5. Using the red paint to make hair in an upward stroke from tip of hair up to face.
6. Paint on a red triangle for nose in the center of circle.
7. Use medium brush bottom to make black dots for eyes.
8. Paint on eyebrows and smile with black.
9. Use tip of smaller brush to make a few black dot to contour bottom of face.
10. Use medium brush bottom to make two pink dots for cheeks.
11. With red paint make a little heart for lips.
12. When all is dry then apply finishing spray then let dry.
13. Glue on a tiny white bow in hair.raggedyannboxpat