Here are some different and all time favorite ways to paint with children.

Classic Finger Painting
All you need is a place to put a few globs paint. Take a few Styrofoam plates or large margarine container lids and pour different colors onto each one. Then let the child swish their hand around in the paint and apply how ever they want to paper. They come up with the most creative designs just using their fingers.

Old fashion Potato Prints
An adult can cut a potato in half with a knife and then by slicing out section it here and there make a shape. From there all the child has to do is dip the potato shape into paint and press onto paper. If you cut out several different shapes they can come up with the most imaginative designs and patterns. This can be done on brown paper to be used for wrapping paper, to make cards or just drawings for the fridge.

Straw Blown Painting
All you need is a regular straw so paint and paper. Make the paint nice a runny by adding a bit of water it makes it easier to design with. Then drop some of the paint in the center of the paper and let the child blow it around in whatever design they choose. Adding in more colors and paint as they go adds life to the design. It’s so simple and filled with giggles as they see their creation come to life. Just make sure the kids know to blow and not suck in the paint?