• Large coffee can
  • ¼ yard of cotton material
  • White foam sheet
  • Piece of brown material (felt or corduroy)
  • Glue gun and hot glue
  • White tacky glue
  • Buttons
  • Mop string
  • Black pen paint or permanent marker
  • White pen paint

Clean and dry a large Coffee Tin can and it’s plastic lid. Then cut some batting and hot glued it to the outside and bottom of can. Glue some batting to the lid top also. Then cut out of blue and white-stripped cotton material into two circles to match up with bottom of the can and the lid top, leaving a small lap over. Glue them on so it overlapped a bit.

To finish off the lid, cut a circle of from white foam sheet just a bit bigger than lid top and tack to underside of lid to close it up neatly. You can use scalloped scissors to cut foam. Using a bit of mop string to the edge of the lid top to give it a finished look.

Then cut a rectangular piece of the same material big enough to wrap around sides of can and folded the edges under to give a nice clean seam. Glue it in place around the can and allowed some to overlap into the can and glued in place.

Fold two small rectangular piece of material and tacked them to can and lid on the inside to attach the lid to can so it can be flipped back and still be attached.

Once done with covering the can then cut out two brown gingerbread men and glued them onto the outside of the can. Decorate them with button eyes and draw in black smiles, a bow tie and some buttons. Outline the gingerbread men with a white paint pen as a frosting. It acts as a great place to store favorite things and could also be filled with things as a gift basket substitute.