4- Clay Pots 2-½ inch
Flesh tone, black, pink and bright red acrylic paints
White felt
Flesh tone fun foam sheet
Paint a white sheet with the flesh tone paints
Small paintbrush
Hot glue gun and glue
Crazy glue
Green napkins

1. Apply the flesh tone paint to each clay pot. Allow drying and repeat.
2. Cut out two odd shapes for ears making sure to leave an edge straight so it can be glued to pot sides.
3. Paint on eyes and mouth with black paint.
4. A large dot for nose with red and two large circles for cheeks with pink.
5. Apply finishing spray and allow drying time.
6. Cut a long strip of white felt that fits the rim of the pot and glue on with hot glue.
7. Using a small amount of crazy glue attach each ear to sides.
8. Place a fluffed green napkin in each elf and set on your table for a cute Christmas display.