A piece of fabric 12 inch wide by 48 inch long
Scrap material for hearts
Wooden hoop
Hot glue gun and glue
Sewing machine
Tacky glue
Needle and thread

1. Fold fabric in half 6” by 48” and sew along the 48” length with wrong side outward.
2. Pull fabric right side out. Then sew a straight line1 ½ in (on the width 6 inch) the along the whole 48”. (Just like when making a curtain.)
3. Through the 1-½ inch opening feed the opened wooden hoop until it is all on.
4. Glue the wooden hoop closed and hand sew the two ends of the fabric that meet together. This closes it all up.
5. Using cardboard cut out enough heart shapes to slightly over lap when placed on inside rim of hoop.
6. Cut out of scrap material heart shape slightly larger than cardboard cutouts.
7. Using white tacky glue. Glue each fabric heart to a cardboard heart being careful to glue overlap to back so it’s tidy looking. Allow drying.
8. Then hot glue hearts on to rim of hoop allowing each to overlap a bit.
9. Make a raffia bow and hot glue at bottom.