“Add some warmth and charm to your décor with this adorable project for Angel Candle Holders made from Clay pots”


Two 3 inch in diameter clay pots
Crazy glue
Acrylic paints: Teal blue, beige, brown, black, pink, flesh-tone, and antique white
Detail brush
Finishing spray

1. Glue the two pots together bottom to bottom with crazy glue and allow drying.
2. Paint the holder with two coats of teal acrylic paint inside and out. Then allow drying.
3. With antique white, roughly paint on the outline of you angel as your guide.
4. Fill in the wings and body with a coat of Antique white.
5. Paint in round face and circle hands with flesh-tone paint.
6. Take a bit of antique white paint and add a drop or two of brown paint and mix it. Then add an inner smaller outline of wings and fill it in.
7. Take your brown acrylic and add a halo to top of angels head and highlight the halo with a bit of white paint.
8. Outline the entire angel with a brown paint.
9. Take a bit of pink paint and make two circles for cheeks and dip the end of you paint brush into the black paint to dot on eyes.
10. You can then apply a finishing spray and allow drying time.
11. Glue a bow to the front of the angels dress.