White foam sheet
Flesh tone foam sheet
Black permanent marker
Exacto knife/scissors
Hot glue and gun
Black acrylic paint
White acrylic paint
Red spray-paint
White wool
Finishing clear spray


Begin by taking you CD and spray-painting it red (be sure to do it in a ventilated room or outdoors). While you are waiting for the CD to dry (read spray paint instructions for drying time) use your Exacto knife or scissors to cut out an a round shape for the face and a small circle for the nose from flesh tone craft foam. Then use scissors ( I used scallopedsantacdA craft scissors) to cut out the beard and mustache from the white craft foam in the desired shapes and set aside. Take the white wool and wind in bunch and tie in middle with a piece of wool. Cut the ends to make a tuff of hair for your Santa. Once CD is dry, use your marker to outline two round eyes and paint in with white paint and allow to dry about 15 min.. When white paint is dry use your black paint to outline eyes and add a black dot to center of eyes. Let stand until completely dry before continuing. It avoids paint smearing. When completely dry, spray with a finishing gloss spray. Now you can hot glue your nose, beard, mustache and hair onto the CD to create face. Using your black foam cut a circle larger than CD to place on as backing. Take a small loop of wool and glue to back of CD as hanger then glue on black backing to make it nice and tidy.