Popsicle Sticks (cut in half with an Exacto knife)
Sand paper
Green or red felt
Flesh tone acrylic paint
Light colored paper
Scrap wool
Permanent marker
Scalloped Scissors
Hot glue and gun
Pin backings

carolerscloseupStart by using your Exacto knife to cut a Popsicle stick in two. Then lightly sand the cut end smooth and paint both sides with flesh tone paint and set to dry for 1 hour. Cut 1 inch squares from felt. Take squares and cut half way down in strips to create puff of hat. Tie each piece in the middle with a scrap of wool to shape like a hat. Using scalloped scissors cut small song sheets for each Caroler out of 20lb or higher paper and fold in half. Glue felt hat to top of each painted Popsicle stick and tie a few strands of wool around to make a scarf. Careful draw in faces using a circle for their open mouth on each Caroler. Take a dab of hot glue and place on lower middle of stick and set paper songbook in place. Finish this off by gluing a pin backing to the pack of Caroler. Note: White tacky glue is better for attaching backings. These make a cute decoration to pin to any winter coat!!