“Pringles cans can ‘BEE’ recycled”


1 Pringles can (clean)
White tissue paper
Acrylic paints: Light yellow, pumpkin orange, cinnamon brown, burnt umber, black mustard yellow
Finishing spray
Black permanent marker
Half white glue/ water solution
Large and small detail paint brushes

1. Start by applying the glue/water solution to outside of Pringles then layer with tissue paper until you have a good base covered. Allow to dry.
2. Apply two coats of light yellow acrylic to can and allow drying time.
3. Apply a thin coat of finishing spray to the entire can.
4. Trace your pattern onto outside of can with a light pencil.
5. With the orange paint begin to fill in an outline on the outer area of the bee hive with stokes inward with brush.
6. Fill in wings and one set of stripes with orange paint on bees.
7. Outline the birdhouse and post in burnt umber paint.
8. Then use burnt umber to add outline to hive, hole and a few brush stokes on next inner layer of beehive.
9. Brush on mustard yellow to fill in beehive and add stripes to bees.
10. Paint straight stokes in cinnamon then a layer in mustard yellow to give the post and bird house a wood looking texture.
11. With black acrylic paint fill in remainder of holes for beehive and bird house.
12. Then paint the outline and final black stripes on bees with acrylic black paint.
13. Outline the post, the birdhouse and the beehive in black acyclic with detail brush. Apply a finishing spray and allow drying.
14. Use your permanent black marker to add in the words “Bee Bless-Stings “along the side.
15. Then with your marker add a few black dots around hive a few “#” scratches here.