One wooden slide top box (recycled tea box)
Black and off white acrylic paints
Small and large brushes
One boy and girl woodsy
White tacky glue
Sand paper
2 black buttons

1. Sand your box making sure to remove all rough edges or printing.
2. Use a watered down black acrylic paint and brush onto the box with large strokes.
3. Wipe excess paint from box using a rag to get a wood wore look.
4. Allow to dry.
5. With off white acrylic paint, make short stitch like lines along the edges of box.
6. On the lid and in an “x” on the two ends.
7. With small brush paint the words “Be Mine” on the upper part of the front of box.
8. Take the end of your brush and dip into black paint to add dots to the ends of each letter.
9. Take woodsy girl/boy and paint all black and allow drying. 9. Apply glue to back of painted woodsy.
10. Glue woodsy to front of box with white glue.
11. Glue two large black buttons to sliding lid of box.