2 Clear glass long neck bottles
Bath Salts
Food coloring
Essential oil of your choice
1 ½ inch Styrofoam ball
Acrylic paints in black and flesh-tone
Medium and detail paint brushes
Light pink mesh material for bow
An artificial flower
Thin ribbon
Hot glue and gun

1. Using a funnel poor a bit of white bath crystals into the first bottle.
2. Then add to it some coloring and essential oil and shake well until it is all mixed.
3. Then use your funnel to poor it into the second glass bottle. Repeat this process a layer at a time with each color you wish to add to your rainbow.
4. Hot glue the Styrofoam ball to the top of the bottle for a head
5. Then paint the ball with two coats of acrylic flesh-tone paint and allow drying time.
6. Take a long strip of mesh material ribbon and tie it in a bow around the neck of the bottle.
7. With the end of your paint brush poke holes into the Styrofoam ball in a line from side to side and a few at the back of the head.
8. Then place a bit of hot glue into the holes and press in the pieces of the artificial flower petals for hair.
9. Glue a ribbon bow to the front of the fairy.
10. Then take the end of you brush and dip it into black paint and dot on two eyes and allow drying.