With an old wooden hanger a little paint you’ll have a wonderful décor piece Americana style.


One wooden hanger
Acrylic paints deep red, dark blue, antique white
Large and small detail brush
Finishing spray
Cardboard cutout heart stencils or store bought one
Piece of scrape material

1. Paint entire hanger with two coats of red acrylic paint and allow drying time.
2. Take your heart stencil and with antique white acrylic paint dab in center of heart stencil then careful take it off and repeat at top of hanger.
3. Dry brush white stripes along bottom hanger rung that runs across bottom.
4. Paint a dark blue dot in between each strip along rung.
5. Paint on three blue stars on each side with a triangle over triangle pattern.
6. Leaving an even space between each star.
7. With detail brush paint a blue outline around each white heart and add some “s” shape squiggles for style.
8. White antique white paint on the words “ Pride”, “Love”, “Home”, “Free”, “Heart” and “Truth” in between each set of stars along the sides.
9. With the a paint brush dot the words to give it a finished look.
10. When it’s all dry then spray with a finishing spray and let set.
11. Take a scrap piece of material and tie a bow around neck of hanger to finish it off with flare.