With an old wooden hanger and some paint, you can create a beautiful and stylish décor piece this Americana-style Wooden Hanger Decoration!

Transform a wooden hanger into a beautiful décor piece with just a few basic materials like paints, brushes, and stencils.

The Americana-style Wooden Hanger Decoration features red and blue stripes, white stars, and heart details, all inspired by the American flag. It’s a great way to celebrate patriotic holidays or add a touch of Americana to your home all year round. Give this project a try and add some American pride to your home!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • One wooden hanger
  • Acrylic paints in deep red, dark blue, and antique white
  • Large and small detail brushes
  • Finishing spray
  • Cardboard cutout heart stencils (or store-bought ones)
  • A piece of scrap material


  1. Paint the entire hanger with two coats of red acrylic paint, and allow it to dry completely.
  2. Using your heart stencil, dab antique white acrylic paint onto the center of each heart, and carefully remove the stencil. Repeat this step at the top of the hanger.
  3. Dry brush white stripes along the bottom rung of the hanger.
  4. Paint a dark blue dot in between each white stripe on the rung.
  5. Paint three blue stars on each side of the hanger, using a triangle-over-triangle pattern and leaving an even space between each star.
  6. Use a detail brush to paint a blue outline around each white heart, and add some “S” shape squiggles for style.
  7. Paint the words “Pride”, “Love”, “Home”, “Free”, “Heart”, and “Truth” in antique white between each set of stars on the sides of the hanger.
  8. Use a paintbrush to dot the words for a finished look.
  9. When the paint is completely dry, spray the hanger with a finishing spray and allow it to set.
  10. Tie a bow around the neck of the hanger using the scrap material to add a touch of flair and finish off the decoration.

So grab your paints and brushes and get creative with this fun and easy Americana-style Wooden Hanger Decoration project!

It’s a great way to add some patriotic charm to your home and celebrate America’s rich history and culture.