“Simple Kids July Paper Flags That are fun and easy as pie.”


Red, blue, and white construction paper
Glue stick
Craft scissors
Paper hole-punch

1. Cut a 4 x 5 inch piece of blue construction paper with craft scalloped scissors.
2. Cut 4 strips 1 x 12 inches and 3 strips 1 x 7 inches from white construction paper with zigzag scissors.
3. Punch out approx. 51 holes from white construction paper.
4. Then take a full 9 x 12 inch red piece of construction and use your glue stick to glue your white stripes on smaller ones at the top and large one on the bottom lined up.
5. Then glue the blue rectangle to the top left corner with a glue stick.
6. Then start putting on your tiny while circles that you punched out with the hole-punch onto the blue rectangle. (Let the child put them on their own way.)
7. Then Punch three holes along the top of the flag.
8. Feed your Blue shoestring through and tie a bow.