We have several advertizing options available for anyone who meets our advertising criteria. See below for criteria.

Advertizing Options:

#1- Be part of CraftsN’ Hompage in our 468 x 60 Banner Rotation for just $20 a month and get great frontpage premium AD coverage.

#2 – CraftsN’Graphics Newsletter Placement Advertizing
A) TEXT ADVERTISEMENT $15 – Up to 200 character of advertisement text plus URL link. Duration one issue.
B) IMAGE ADVERTISEMENT, no bigger than 250 x 250 pixels and up to 200 character of text $25. Duration one issue.

#3 – Product Review to be included on website and newsletter : You can contact us at CraftsN’Graphics about doing a product review of your product. If we accept your submitted product review idea there will be no cost but the cost of the product and mailing it to us. This is decided on a one by one bases. Contact Us using our contact form, give us a full description and a link to where we can view a photo of your craft related product and we will work it out from there.

Advertizing Criteria

No adult sites or sites deemed unacceptable will be accepted.

We accept the following advertisement for inclusion in the CraftsN’Graphics Newsletter and/or inclusion on this website:

Family oriented websites and products, Crafter Related advertisement – Personal craft related websites, eCommerce crafter shops, internet crafter malls, crafter program and software providers, craft suppliers (retailers or wholesalers), crafts related off line home businesses and Internet Email Communities or Forums that are craft related, WAHM Resource – any website or company on or off the internet that provides resources for Work at Home Mom’s, to include legitimate income opportunities or work at home information or internet groups and forums specializing in resources for Work at Home Mom’s Graphics related – any website or company on or off the internet that provides graphic design, Web Designers and Developers – any company that provides web design and development Crafter Related Affiliate Link Promotion – any individual or company wishing to promote and advertise craft related affiliate links or products.[lg_gallery]