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July 4th – Independance Day – CraftsN'Graphics

Americana Wooden Hanger

With an old wooden hanger a little paint you’ll have a wonderful décor piece Americana style. Materials: One wooden hanger Acrylic paints deep red, dark blue, antique white Large and small detail brush Finishing spray Cardboard cutout heart stencils or store bought one Piece of scrape material 1. Paint entire hanger with two coats of […]

American Paper Flag

“Simple Kids July Paper Flags That are fun and easy as pie.” Materials: Red, blue, and white construction paper Glue stick Craft scissors Paper hole-punch Shoestring 1. Cut a 4 x 5 inch piece of blue construction paper with craft scalloped scissors. 2. Cut 4 strips 1 x 12 inches and 3 strips 1 x […]

Celebration Fireworks Pencils

“Kids can celebrate the holidays with these simple to make Fireworks Pencils.” Materials: Pencils Red acrylics Finishing spray Egg carton Colorful wrapping paper Small round stickers White Glue Scissors 1. Poke a hole in the bottom cup of the egg carton and fit your pencil in then paint a layer of red acrylic over pencil […]

Heart Key Chain

Here’s a simple craft to make for mom to attach to her keychain and always know how much you love her! Materials: Red and blue foam Scissors Hole-punch Glue Pencil Linking key chain 1. Cut out one heart out of red foam sheet. 2. Then cut a larger heart out of blue foam. 3. Punch […]

Patriotic American or Canadian Popsicle Stick Coaster

“Here is a simple way to dress up your holiday celebration with festive Coasters for 4th of July or Canada day” Materials: 13 Popsicle sticks White glue or wood glue White, red and/or navy blue acrylic paints Medium and small paint brushes Finishing spray matt 1. Take eleven Popsicle stick and glue side by side then […]

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