Bee Bless–Stings Canister

“Pringles cans can ‘BEE’ recycled” Materials: 1 Pringles can (clean) White tissue paper Acrylic paints: Light yellow, pumpkin orange, cinnamon brown, burnt umber, black mustard yellow Finishing spray Black permanent marker Half white glue/ water solution Large and small detail paint brushes 1. Start by applying the glue/water solution to outside of Pringles then layer […]

Sea Creature Pets

“Here’s a pet no parent will mind you keep and you can make him in minutes with a few shells!” Material: Various Shells Glue Green plastic beads or tiny green pompoms Googly eyes 1. Prepare your materials in front. Choosing one large shell for the base, two small one for your creature and any small […]

Funky Crayon Designed Rocks

“Get rocking and decorate your garden bed with these simple to make funky rocks.” Materials: Wax Crayons (florescent colors work best) Black acrylic paints Paint Paint brush Paper towel 1. Use crayons to make any design on your rock you want to. 2. Cover it with design leaving space in between each drawing on rock. […]

Patriotic American or Canadian Popsicle Stick Coaster

“Here is a simple way to dress up your holiday celebration with festive Coasters for 4th of July or Canada day” Materials: 13 Popsicle sticks White glue or wood glue White, red and/or navy blue acrylic paints Medium and small paint brushes Finishing spray matt 1. Take eleven Popsicle stick and glue side by side then […]

Ragtime Jean Pull Bag

This makes a very personal and trendy gift. It could be filled with hair accessories, notebook and pens or maybe a sweet treat. Materials: Cut off bottom leg of old jeans Embroidery threads (white, pink, and red) Embroidery needle Scrap piece of pink material White cord for draw string Scissors Safety pin 1. Start by […]

Valentine Sun Catcher

The clear beads and surface of the CD make a beautiful rainbow of colors in the sunlight. Materials: Two CD’s Glue gun and glue Clear beads in pink and white Pink paper Scissors Ribbon 1. Tie ribbon in a loop and place between two CD and glue together. 2. Cut two pink paper hearts and […]

Snowman Log

Materials: 4 x 4 piece of wood White outdoor paint Outdoor high gloss acrylic paint (black, white, blue, pink) A hat and scarf (I found mine at the dollar store) 4 wooden blocks and string (optional) Glue gun and glue Outdoor finishing spray 1. Start by applying two coats of white outdoor paint to your […]

Rudolph Reindeer Puzzle Decoration

Materials: Brown, black, white and red acrylic paints Jute Puzzle piece 4 Popsicle stick White glue Finishing spray 1. Start by painting your puzzle pieces brown on one side then allow for drying time and paint other side also and let dry. 2. Glue three pieces together to form face and antlers. 3. Allow drying […]

Raggedy Ann Can

Materials: 1 Soup can (clean) White spray paint Acrylic Paints (Black, white, navy, deep red, flesh tone, pink) Finishing spray 1. Start by spray-painting the soup can white and set aside to dry. Then paint two flesh tone circles. 2. Then with black outline the circle and add dots for eyes. 3. Using red paint […]

Puzzle Pieces Heart-shaped Plant Stick

This makes a cute addition to a flower or plant to be given as a gift to those you love! Materials: Pink and red acrylic paints Raffia 8 Puzzle pieces 1 Popsicle stick Hot glue and gun Finishing spray 1. Start by painting your puzzle pieces red on one side then allow for drying time […]

Penguin or Snowman Stick Ornaments

Materials: Craft Sticks Exacto Knife Orange acrylic paint Black acrylic paint White acrylic paint Pink acrylic paint Hot glue gun and glue Scraps of Material or old sweater Penguin The body of the penguin is painted black and set to dry then a white belly is painted down the middle and lightly swirled with paintbrush […]

Penguin Can

Materials: 1 Soup can (clean) Black spray paint Acrylic Paints (Black, Orange, Pink) Red Felt for scarf Pipe cleaners Red and White Red wool to make pompoms Hot glue and gun Finishing spray Step 1. Start by painting the soup can with black spray paint and set aside to dry. Step 2. Then dab on […]

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