Lucky Penny Barrettes

Materials: Wire Ribbon Two metal barrettes Crazy glue Two pennies dated the year the person was born 1. Take two pieces of ribbon and fold them into bows. 2. Glue bows to barrette backings. (Be careful when using instant glues not to get any on your skin, read the instructions on the package before using.) […]

Father’s Day Tie Key Chain

This is one tie dad won’t have to tuck away in his closet but can carry with him all the time on his keychain! Materials: Yellow and green foam sheet Scissors Pencil Hole-Punch White glue Linking key chain 1. Out of yellow foam cut the tie shape. 2. Cut a circle and some strips out […]

Bunny Pot Scrunchie Holder

Materials: One already prepared bunny spoon One medium to small size clay pot Blue acrylic paint Raffia Piece of Styrofoam Hot glue and gun Piece of scrap material 1. Paint outside of clay pot with blue acrylic paint. 2. Then Paint inside also making sure to cover entire pot and allow drying. 3. Tie a […]

Raggedy Ann Pins

Materials: Muslin Blue Material Red wool Red ribbon Fabric Paint pens (red, black, white) Hot glue and gun Pin backing Cotton ball 1. Start by making a yoyo with blue material with a diameter of 2 inches when finished. 2. Then using the muslin make a yoyo about 1-½ inches in diameter and stuff it […]

Ragtime Jean Pull Bag

This makes a very personal and trendy gift. It could be filled with hair accessories, notebook and pens or maybe a sweet treat. Materials: Cut off bottom leg of old jeans Embroidery threads (white, pink, and red) Embroidery needle Scrap piece of pink material White cord for draw string Scissors Safety pin 1. Start by […]

Sweetheart Headband

Materials: One plain headband Wired ribbon Heart shapes button Ribbon Hot glue and gun 1. Start by folding the wire ribbon under and then apply a bit of glue. 2. Fold Ribbon in half and glue to headband. 3. Start to wrap ribbon around the headband making sure to cover the underneath up completely. 4. […]

School Bus Pins

Materials: Craft Sticks Exacto Knife Sand paper Pin backings Orange acrylic paint Black acrylic paint White acrylic paint Pink acrylic paint White tack glue Black permanent marker Clear gloss finish Start by cutting a craft stick into two pieces then cut the end into a point like a pencil. Then paint tip of stick with […]

Country Heart Pin

Materials: 80 lb paper Wool fabric White tacky glue Pin backing Raffia This little heart pin is very simple and cute. I use 80 lb. paper to cut out the heart shape for the backing. Then glued on a fuchsia pink wool fabric to the front and cut around it to form the front. Tie […]

Carolers Pins

Materials: Popsicle Sticks (cut in half with an Exacto knife) Sand paper Green or red felt Flesh tone acrylic paint Light colored paper Scrap wool Permanent marker Scalloped Scissors Hot glue and gun Pin backings Start by using your Exacto knife to cut a Popsicle stick in two. Then lightly sand the cut end smooth […]

Simple Glasses Case

If you are looking for a new craft project for your daycare, school,summer camp, senior center or just to keep your kids busy today, this project just might just be the ticket. This craft project is sure to be an outlet for creativity and fun. When your finished you’ll have a cute glass case can […]

Chicken Pox Pin

Materials: Yellow foam sheets Orange 20lb paper scraps Red permanent marker Black permanent marker Exacto knife/scissors Hot glue and gun Pin backings

Country Heart Pin

Materials: 80 lb paper Wool fabric White tacky glue Pin backing Raffia This little heart pin is very simple and cute.

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