Flower Pen

“As sweet as a flower”, this pen will make a wonderful little gift for someone who’s always loosing their pen and there is no need to have a green thumb to keep it looking beautiful. Materials: One Bick’s pen One shoelace Hot glue Small wire flowers and leaves Green floral tape 1. Pop the stopper […]

Instant Bath Salts

Materials: 1-cup salt 1-cup Epsom salt 1-cup baking soda 1. Add all the ingredients together and store in nice glass jar or wrap up with clear wrapping and a bow. 2. Just little of this mixture in your tub will give provide a revitalizing bath. 3. If you want bubbles, just add 1 cup of […]

Treasure Stones

Materials: 1-cup flour 1-cup used coffee grinds ½ cup salt ¼ cup sand ¾ cup water 1. Mix all dry ingredients together in bowl. 2. Add water a bit at a time and knead until the mixture is the consistency of bread dough. 3. Break dough into pieces and roll it into the size of […]

Grads’ Paddle of Life

This is a simple little craft to show you best wishes to a graduates future! Materials: Two Popsicle sticks Fun Foam sheet String Hot glue and gun 1. Cut out two tear drop shapes from fun foam. 2. Hot glue the fun foam shapes to the end of each Popsicle sticks. 3. Then apply a […]

Thanks for Helping Me Grow Plant Pot

“A great clay pot project for that very special teacher who helps your children grow” Materials: 1 clay pot and base Indoor/outdoor acrylic paints in Black, orange, white, bright and dark green, and red Medium size brush and tiny detail brush 1. Take your clay pot and give it two coats of black paint inside and […]

Bath Salt Rainbow Fairy

Materials: 2 Clear glass long neck bottles Bath Salts Food coloring Essential oil of your choice Funnel 1 ½ inch Styrofoam ball Acrylic paints in black and flesh-tone Medium and detail paint brushes Light pink mesh material for bow An artificial flower Thin ribbon Hot glue and gun 1. Using a funnel poor a bit […]

Life Survival Kit

Materials: Red paper (8 ½ x 11) Printer  White paper Rubber band  Glue Stick Marble  Hole puncher Match A piece of cardstock (to glue the items to) Penny  Glue gun and glue Pin  Gold ribbon Button Tea bag Confetti 1. Start by folding your red paper half way in on both side and glue at seam. […]

Snowman Soup

Materials: Soup can (washed well) Glue stick Hot chocolate mix Marshmallows Hershey’s Kisses or Hugs Plastic wrap Ribbon Candy cane or chocolate dipped spoon A printer Take your clean soup can and print out this cute Snowman soup label with poem. Glue to can at seam, just like a soup label. Then in some clear […]

Seed Pack Angel

Materials: Jumbo craft stick Pink acrylic paint Permanent black marker Raffia Seed pack Wool scraps Quilting batting 1. Remove seeds from package and place into small envelope that can be given with angel if you like. 2. Fill empty seed package with a rectangle of quilting batting cut to fit inside and glue shut. 3. […]

School Bus Pins

Materials: Craft Sticks Exacto Knife Sand paper Pin backings Orange acrylic paint Black acrylic paint White acrylic paint Pink acrylic paint White tack glue Black permanent marker Clear gloss finish Start by cutting a craft stick into two pieces then cut the end into a point like a pencil. Then paint tip of stick with […]

Raggedy Ann Keepsake Box

Materials: Unfinished latched box Fine sandpaper Black, red, pink and flesh-tone acrylic paints Medium soft brush Small detail brush White ribbon White tacky glue Soft rag Finishing spray 1. Sand any rough edges until nice a smooth. 2. Take a bit of black paint and put it into a small cup then add some water […]

Santa’s Key

1. Tie a skeleton key to a pretty bow and glue on some glitter with some spray adhesive. 2. Then attach this little poem. Santa’s Key “Santa, this old key is a magical kind and we’re leaving it out for you to find. Cause just for you, tonight, it will open any door, so you […]

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