Americana Wooden Hanger

With an old wooden hanger a little paint you’ll have a wonderful décor piece Americana style. Materials: One wooden hanger Acrylic paints deep red, dark blue, antique white Large and small detail brush Finishing spray Cardboard cutout heart stencils or store bought one Piece of scrape material 1. Paint entire hanger with two coats of […]

Elf Napkin Holder Clay Pots

Materials: 4- Clay Pots 2-½ inch Flesh tone, black, pink and bright red acrylic paints White felt Flesh tone fun foam sheet Or Paint a white sheet with the flesh tone paints Small paintbrush Hot glue gun and glue Crazy glue Scissors Green napkins 1. Apply the flesh tone paint to each clay pot. Allow […]

Country Heart Wreath

Materials: A piece of fabric 12 inch wide by 48 inch long Scrap material for hearts Cardboard Wooden hoop Hot glue gun and glue Sewing machine Raffia Tacky glue Scissors Needle and thread 1. Fold fabric in half 6” by 48” and sew along the 48” length with wrong side outward. 2. Pull fabric right […]

CD picture hanger

This CD picture hanger is so simple to make and a great way to display the photos of ones that fill their hearts with joy! Hanging Photo CD Display Materials: Wire ribbon Craft scissors Recycled CD’s Hot glue gun Photos

Candle Jars

Materials: Preserve jar clean and dry A heart cut from card stock Acrylic paints red or blue and white Wide soft bush Old Toothbrush Finishing spray Glue stick

Holiday Straw Wreath

Materials: One straw wreath Several wired pinecones Red bows Wired red berries 4 Candy Canes Dried flowers Small Santa’s or other figures Glue gun and glue

Placemat Chair Cushion Makeover

“With placemats and hot glue have a great makeover for your chairs in minutes!” Materials: Cotton weaved placemats Hot glue gun and good quality hot glue Scissors 1. Remove old material from seat of chair leaving the old cushioning in place. 2. Measure the cushion and cut one side your placemat to allow a little […]

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