Americana Wooden Hanger

With an old wooden hanger a little paint you’ll have a wonderful décor piece Americana style. Materials: One wooden hanger Acrylic paints deep red, dark blue, antique white Large and small detail brush Finishing spray Cardboard cutout heart stencils or store bought one Piece of scrape material 1. Paint entire hanger with two coats of […]

The Old Man is Sleeping Door Hanger

This is funny gift idea for Father’s day that will make him smile. Dad will also find it useful in helping him get some much deserved rest!! Materials: One wooden door hanger Black, white and yellow acrylic paints Small detail brush Medium brush Black permanent marker or paint pen Finishing spray if desired 1. Start […]

Mother Natures Memo Board

Materials: One cork memo board Hunter green and white acrylic paint Medium and thin paint brush Black permanent marker Plastic artificial flowers Butterflies Peppercorn Instant glue Plastic head tacks Hot glue and glue gun 1. Start by applying two coats of green paint to wooden frame of cork board. 2. Then paint on green blades […]

Bee Bless–Stings Canister

“Pringles cans can ‘BEE’ recycled” Materials: 1 Pringles can (clean) White tissue paper Acrylic paints: Light yellow, pumpkin orange, cinnamon brown, burnt umber, black mustard yellow Finishing spray Black permanent marker Half white glue/ water solution Large and small detail paint brushes 1. Start by applying the glue/water solution to outside of Pringles then layer […]

Santa Brush Decoration

“This Santa is an easy project to make for Christmas as a gift or decoration.” Material: One red handled paint brush White latex paint Acrylic Paints: Flesh-tone, black, white, red and pink A scrap of red velvet material White fluffy poly-fill or cotton Hot glue and gun Medium and detail paint brushes 1. Paint the […]

Santa Pen

“This Santa pen is a great quick stocking stuffer idea “ Material: Bick’s pen Red wool Wooden head White felt Scissors Scrap of plaid material Hot glue and gun 1. Apply some dots of hot glue to pen and begin to wrap red wool around the pen all the way from one end to the […]

Clay Pot Angel Candle Holders

“Add some warmth and charm to your décor with this adorable project for Angel Candle Holders made from Clay pots” Materials: Two 3 inch in diameter clay pots Crazy glue Acrylic paints: Teal blue, beige, brown, black, pink, flesh-tone, and antique white Detail brush Finishing spray 1. Glue the two pots together bottom to bottom […]

St. Nick Wooden Spoon Decoration

“This wooden St. Nick Spoon is a fun and easy project to add to your Christmas wish list.” Materials: Wooden spoon White wool Piece of cardboard Scissors Red twist ribbon Acrylic paints: Flesh-tone, white, pink, red, grey and black Medium and detail paint brush Hot glue and gun Gold and white cording Finishing spray or […]

Fishing Floater Santa

“Here’s a cute idea for the fisherman in your family to have his or her own ornament on the tree!” Material: A red and white fishing float 2 wooden ice cream spoons Red acrylic paint Red felt Ribbon cord 3 small white pom-poms 1 large white pom-pom A scrap of plaid material Scissors Paint brush […]

Little Lamb Clay Pot

Materials: 1 large clay pot 4 small clay pots Black and white indoor /outdoor acrylic paint Finishing spray Epoxy glue Small patch of wool or poly-fill Off white wool Ribbon for a small bow Paint brushes large and fine detail brush 1. Paint the entire large pot inside and out with two coats of white […]

Sea Creature Pets

“Here’s a pet no parent will mind you keep and you can make him in minutes with a few shells!” Material: Various Shells Glue Green plastic beads or tiny green pompoms Googly eyes 1. Prepare your materials in front. Choosing one large shell for the base, two small one for your creature and any small […]

I Love Ewe Shadow Box

“A cute Ewe shadow box project for Valentine’s Day or year round display!” Materials: One open frame wooden shadow box pre-sanded * Small detail paint brush Medium paint brush Crimson red, white and black acrylic paint Pencil Small amount of Polyfill stuffing Jute string Glue gun and glue Scissors *I cheated and used a wooden […]

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